Travel Security Training

Custom travel security training solutions including the online Travel Safety 101 Academy, travel safety eLearning, virtual classroom, or in-person training. Partner with a Travel Safety 101 expert to develop the perfect overseas security training solution for your travelers and organization.

Travel Security Training for Your Organization

Travel Safety 101 offers a variety of overseas travel security training solutions to help your organization mitigate risk and enhance the safety of your travelers. We offer a variety of overseas security training solutions that allow you to enhance the safety of all your travelers.

Overseas Security Training Formats

Travel Safety 101 Academy

The Travel Safety 101 Academy is a comprehensive online travel security training platform with 3 ready to use courses or custom training specifically for your organization. This platform includes an easy to use management dashboard for user management, progress tracking, and reporting.

Travel Safety and Security eLearning

Travel Safety eLearning integrates directly with your organization's learning management system (LMS) and allows travelers to access training in a familiar place. You'll have access to comprehensive training with full reporting that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Blended Overseas Security Training

We offer comprehensive online travel security training through the Travel Safety 101 Academy or integrated eLearning combined with in-person presentations or virtual classrooms. We can combine these to offer efficient and effective training for your entire organization.

Developing Overseas Security Training

A Travel Safety 101 expert will partner with you to asses your organizations needs and then help you develop a solution that meets the needs of your organization. The solution will include different training formats, core travel safety 101 training content, custom training, and then delivery time-frames. You can learn more about the content available below.

Comprehensive Travel Security Courses Avaliable

International Travel Safety 101

International Travel Safety 101 is a comprehensive travel safety course perfect for business travelers, NGO workers, international volunteers, and mission trips overseas. This course teaches the skills, strategies, and mindset needed for travelers to enhance their safety abroad. Travelers will learn about common risks for travelers, travel health, transportation safety, an introduction to situational awareness, and four crucial travel safety skills that can be applied anywhere.

Course Contents: 34 Lessons, Knowledge Checks, Offline Practice Exercises, and Safe Traveler Certification.

Approx. Time: 1 hour and 15 mins + Offline practice time

Study Abroad Safety 101

This course is ideal for young adults studying or volunteering abroad. This course teaches the skills, strategies, and mindset needed for students to enhance their safety overseas. Students will learn about how to prepare for their time abroad, common risks for travelers, travel health, transportation, an introduction to situational awareness, four essential travel safety skills, and strategies for critical events such as natural disasters. The course also contains relevant information for studying abroad including socializing, legal issues, and meeting new people overseas.

Course Contents: 39 Lessons, Knowledge Checks, Offline Practice Exercises, and Safe Traveler Certification

Approx. Time: 1 Hour and 3o mins + Offline practice time

Advanced Travel Safety Strategies

The Advanced Travel Safety Strategies is available for travelers visiting high-risk destinations or those with significant personal risk factors. This course focuses on developing situational awareness skills, risk management for travel, and provides an introduction to strategies for deterring and responding to hostile threats including kidnapping, active weapons attacks, and terrorist attacks. This course builds on the skills and strategies taught in the 101 level courses.

Course Contents: 14 Lessons, Knowledge Checks, and Offline Practice Exercises

Approx. Time: 1 Hour + Offline Practice

Travel Security Modules Available

Travel Safety 101

Learn the foundations of staying safe overseas including common risks for travelers, the basics of situational awareness, important travel safety skills, and dozens of useful strategies for enhancing your safety while overseas.

Transportation Safety

Transportation-related accidents are the most common safety-related risk for travelers. Travelers will learn strategies and tips for staying safe on a wide variety of transportation methods.

Travel Health

Travelers learn about important steps they can take to stay healthy overseas including working with a travel medical professional, pre-trip preparation, vector-borne diseases, eating safely, and strategies for staying healthy.

Critical Event Safety

Learn tips and strategies for staying safe during a variety of possible dangerous events or incidents that might arise while overseas including public disorder, social unrest, and a variety of natural disasters.

Situational Awareness

Learn the foundations and how to start practicing this important skill for staying safe overseas. This not only helps travelers identify and respond to possible risks but can be a powerful deterrent against many threats.

Hostile Threats

Learn strategies and skills for deterring, how to respond, and important steps after a variety of hostile threats including kidnapping and abductions, active weapons attacks, armed robberies, and terrorist attacks.

Travel 101

Learn the basics of preparing for a trip overseas including pre-trip research, emergency contacts, packing, cultural awareness, accessing your travel funds, and more that is important for a safer and more enjoyable overseas experience.

Study Abroad Safety

Content geared towards young adults studying abroad including socializing overseas, meeting new people, cultural awareness, legal issues, and developing their own emergency travel plan.

Travel Security Modules and Training Formats

Modules Travel Safety 101 Academy eLearning
Travel 101
Travel Safety 101
Transportation Safety
Travel Health
Study Abroad Safety
Incident Safety
Situational Awareness
Hostile Threats
Destination Safety Briefing

Travel Security Training

Many organizations face similar issues with managing travel risk and enhancing the safety of their travelers. A good travel security training program should also support your risk and travel management programs.

Emergency Procedures

Reinforce your emergency procedures and resources throughout training increase the likelihood of utilization.

Travel Booking

Include travel booking processes and resources in training to help encourage traveler compliance and safety.

Destination Specific

Have numerous travelers visiting specific destinations include information about destination-specific issues.

Multiple Learning Paths

All travelers complete the same training and those visiting high-risk countries complete additional training.

High-Risk Travel

Customize training for travelers visiting high-risk destinations with blended training and organizational specific resources.

Organizational Branding

Include organizational branding throughout the training enhancing consistency and learner experience.

White Label Training Hub

A completely white labeled custom travel safety training platform or mobile app for your organization.

Medical Training

Work with an expert medical professional for the training and resources your travelers need in a remote or hostile environment.

Travel Safety 101

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