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Flexible travel safety eLearning that integrates directly with your LMS for comprehensive training programs.
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Travel Safety 101 eLearning

Why Travel Safety eLearning?

Flexible eLearning

Travel security eLearning made up on nearly 70 lessons so you can develop the perfect training for your travelers and even create different learning paths depending on traveler’s risk profiles. This highly interactive training includes simulations, short HD videos, knowledge checks, and even offline practice exercises.

Integrate With Your LMS

All Travel Safety 101 eLearning can be directly integrated with your LMS and even your LRS. The eLearning is available as Tin Can (xAPI), SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 packages and can be integrated with nearly every LMS.  You’ll have the ability to track their progress, knowledge checks, and course completion with the same systems your organization already uses.

Accessible and Conenvient

All travel security eLearning is fully responsive and will support every device your LMS supports. Every traveler should be able to complete the training so all Travel Safety 101 eLearning is fully compliant with all ADA, Section 508 requirements, and the global WCAG 2.1 AA standard.

Developing Proactive Travelers

Expert Instruction Focusing on Skills and Mindset

All travel security eLearning focuses on the skills and mindset need to enhance the safety of your travelers overseas. Travelers will learn the basics of skills used by militaries, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement around the world. Travelers become empowered to proactively identify risks and adapt to a wide variety of overseas environments.

Travel Security eLearning Customizable for your Organization

Flexible Module Based Training

Travel Safety 101

Learn the basics of travel security including important travel safety skills and strategies.,

Travel 101

Learn how to properly prepare for a trip overseas from a safety perspective and overall better experience.

Stay Healthy Overseas

Learn how to get started with travel medicine, travel health best practices, and what you can eat overseas.

Young ADults

Training for young adults focusing on safety issues often experienced by travelers ages 16 to 25.

Advanced SAfety Strategies

Training for high-risk destinations including situational awareness and responding to hostile threats.

Group Leader Training

Learn how to lead groups and mitigate risk while overseas.


Expertise for Your Organization

At Travel Safety 101 we offer travel safety traing with content specialized for businesses, study abroad programs, NGOs, and press organizations. Our flexible module-based training allows you to chose the training for your travelers and we can create custom training exclusively for your organization.


Our Travel Safety 101 course is the perfect way to enhance your safety overseas. Learn More

Business and Corporate Safety Training

A wide variety of training options and business specific content preparing all your travelers for their time overseas. Learn More


study Abroad Safety Courses

Convenient online travel security training is preparing your students and staff for a safer and more enjoyable time overseas. Specialty content for young adults and trip leaders is available. Learn More

Non-Profits and NGOs

Help your teams stay safe overseas and accomplish organizational objectives.

Media and Press

Empowering journalists to stay safe overseas with a variety of training options including high-risk environments.

Travel Security Elearning

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Travel Risk Management and Training from Experts

We help world-class organizations enhance the safety of their travelers and mitigate organizational risk.

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