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This international travel safety course will give you the confidence and skills to handle the vast majority of situations that will arise when you are overseas. This course is perfect for individual travelers, students, gap year takers, digital nomads, international volunteers, missionaries, and many expatriates.
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Are You Concerned About Staying Safe Overseas?

At the end of this travel safety course, you will have the confidence, strategies, and skills to safely travel the world. The course includes over 2 hours of HD Video, useful checklists and worksheets, supplemental resources, offline practice exercises, and an easily accessible instructor. Learn how to enhance your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protect your personal property with this comprehensive international travel safety course and Safe Traveler Certification program.

Learn the Skills Professionals Use

Learn skills militaries, law enforcement, and security professionals use including situational awareness, keeping a low profile, operating on a needs to know basis and risk management.

Destination Research and Travel Warnings

Learn how to properly research your destination allowing you to enhance your safety using government travel warnings, advisories, travel literature, guidebooks, and other online resources.

Prepare for a Safer and Enjoyable Experience

Prepare for a safer experience learning about passports and visas, protecting your bank account, travel insurance, travel packing lists, registering your trip, securing your home, and a proper first aid kit.

Life Long Skills That Will Keep You Safe at Home

Many of the skills in the course will apply to staying safe at home and are the fundamentals of personal safety anywhere. You'll be able to develop these skills over time and stay safe over a lifetime.

Easy to Use Skills, Tips, and Strategies for Everyone

The skills, tips, and strategies are easy to learn and can be applied by anyone whether 8 or 80. These are lifelong skills for all travelers and many skills apply to your personal safety at home.

Interactive Course and Friendly Support

This interactive course is made up of HD 1080p videos, practice worksheets, handy checklists, supplemental resources, responsive instructors, and a friendly accessible support team.

International Travel Safety Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Getting Started with Travel Safety 101

  • Welcome
  • First Step of Travel Safety
  • Travel Safety Skills and Mindset
  • Safe Traveler Certification
  • Course Goals and Learner Objectives

Section 2 : Common Risks for Travelers and Risk Management

  • Common Risks for Overseas Travelers
  • Risk Management for Travel
  • Risk Management Practice and Practice Worksheet

Section 3: Learn More about Your Destination

  • Getting Started with Destination Research
  • Government Travel Warnings and Advisories
  • Destination Research Practice and Planning Worksheet
  • Avoiding Common Overseas Scams

Section 4: Travel Safety Skills and Mindset

  • Travel Safety Skills and Mindset Introduction
  • Getting Started with Situational Awareness
  • Situational Awareness Skills and Real Life Applications
  • Practicing Situational Awareness Before Our Trip
  • Keeping a Low Profile
  • Who Needs to Know
  • Opportunity Theory and Making Life Harder for the Bad Guys
  • Where is My Exit?
  • Travel Safety Skills Practice and Knowledge Check

Section 5: Preparing for Our Overseas Trip

  • Getting Started with Travel Insurance
  • Protecting Your Bank Accounts and Financial Information
  • Registering Your Trip
  • Travel Safety Kit
  • Protecting Your Home While Overseas

Section 6: Staying Healthy Overseas

  • Introduction to Travel Medicine
  • Travel Health Tips
  • Mental Health While Overseas
  • A Good First Aid Kit and Finding Training

Section 7: Daily Travel Safety Best Practices

  • Securing Your Accommodations
  • Staying Safe on Transportation
  • Arrival and First Day Planning
  • Organizing Your Day Out
  • Traveling with Children
  • Safety Strategies for Female Travelers
  • Resources for Female Travelers
  • Staying in Touch While Traveling
  • Staying Safe and Enjoy Your Cruise
  • Detering Armed Robberies
  • What to do if an Armed Robbery Occurs

Section 8: Developing Your Emergency Travel Plan

  • Who is Your Trusted Person?
  • Let's Put Together an Emergency Travel Plan

Section 9: Safe Travels and Next Steps

  • Safe Travels and Continuing Education

Who is the Ideal Student?

The ideal student is someone who would like to take responsibility for their own safety while traveling and enhance their safety. Previous course particpants include a wide variety of leisure travelers, students, gap year takers, digital nomads, international volunteers, missionaries, and expats.

What is Included and Course Structure

Travel Safety 101 is an interactive international travel safety course with over 2 hours of HD video modules, screencasts, easy to follow demonstrations, supplemental resources, practices worksheets, helpful checklists, optional knowledge checks, and offline practice exercises.  You'll have easy access to an expert instructor, and our support team is always available to help you.

Travel the World Safely and Confidently

At the end of this international travel safety course, you will feel confident that you can enhance your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protect your personal property. Also, you will have the confidence, skills, and resources to handle the majority of issues that might arise overseas.

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Meet Your Instructor

My name is David Sofield and I'll be your instructor for Travel Safety 101. At the end of this course you will have the skills, strategies, and confidence to safely explore the world. I developed this course from the same curriculum used by companies, governments, and large NGOs to send their members around the world. This is the first time a comprehensive travel safety course is being offered for individual travelers helping you enhance your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protect your personal property around the world. I'm looking forward to meeting you in the course!

Travel Safety Course FAQ

Can you tell me a little more about the structure of the course and taking an online course?

The course player and learning area will work well on the latest versions of all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge/ IE, Firefox, and Opera. The course experience will work best on any desktops, laptops, and tablets with screen sizes of 7″ or larger. Due to the interactivity of the course and downloadable resources, a smartphone may not offer the best experience. .

What should I do if I have questions?

You can post them in the course discussion area, directly message your instructor, or send them to the support team. We encourage students to ask questions so they can get the most out of the course and we often use student questions to develop new content.

What payment methods do your accept?

Our SSL secure payment processing powered by Stripe supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

What is the refund policy?

We offer 30 days from purchase no questions asked easy 100% refund on all individual travel courses. We always are trying to make the courses better and would love to hear any feedback from you. You can submit a refund request which will be processed in 1-2 business days through the support area.

When can I access the course?

You have unlimited lifetime access to the international travel safety course and all future updates. You can complete the course at anytime convenient for you. There is no time limit for starting or completing the course.
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