Travel Safety Awareness

Travel Safety 101 introduces the Safe Traveler Certification helping travelers stay safe overseas and raise travel safety awareness.

Travel Safety 101 is working to spread travel safety awareness training throughout the year and help all travelers have a safer experience overseas.

Safe Traveler Certification

Travel Safety 101 launched in 2017 a comprehensive online travel safety course for individuals and at the end of the year started offering the first certificate in Travel Safety. The Safe Traveler Certificate empowers individuals to enhance their safety, the safety of their travel companions, and protect their personal property. Receiving the certificate certifies that individuals can apply the basics of situational awareness, personal safety skills, risk management, proper destination safety research, and numerous other proven strategies for staying safe overseas. A Safe Traveler possesses the skills, strategies, and mindset needed to adapt to a wide variety of environments overseas. The traveler can receive the certificate as part of the Travel Safety 101 course or Staying Safe Overseas programs for groups. The certificate can be shared on a variety of social media profiles, added to your Linkedin credentials, and verified at any time. The certificate lasts 3 years and can be renewed after completing a short travel safety refresher course.

Raising Travel Safety Awareness

During 2018 our goal is to certify 1,000 individuals as Safe Travelers. Travel Safety is an often overlooked part of having a positive experience overseas. More individuals are traveling overseas every year whether for leisure travel, work, study, or volunteer. Learning basic personal safety skills, travel safety strategies, and adapting the mindset to stay safe overseas will enhance individual travelers safety, the safety of their travel companions, and help protect their personal property. Through our certifications, the individual travel safety courses, group travel safety training, and the variety of free travel safety resources on our site every traveler can enhance their safety while overseas.

Helping Your Group Stay Safe and Raise Travel Safety Awareness

Travel Safety 101 offers the Safe Traveler Certification program for your group helping to promote travel safety awareness and motivating your group to complete the courses. This certificate can be licensed from Travel Safety 101 and tracked for all your group needs. Travel Safety 101 offers bespoke learning solutions for businesses, study abroad programs, non-profits/ NGOs, and overseas mission trips.

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