Travel Safety 101's Affiliate Program

Travel Safety 101’s Travel Affiliate Program offers travel influencers, travel content websites, and partner organizations an excellent opportunity to promote online travel safety courses enhancing their audience’s safety overseas. The program offers a lucrative commission earning 40% of every purchase your referrals make earning between $55 and $100 USD per course.
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Getting Started with the Travel Affiliate Program

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40% commissions on every course with fixed monthly PayPal payments and a 90-day tracking cookie.

Get Started Helping Your Audience Travel Safely Overseas

Earn 40% commissions on every referral who purchases a course with Travel Safety 101. You’ll be earning between $55 and $100 USD for every course purchase you refer.

Get Started Quickly

Using the wide array of pre-designed marketing resources you can get started in under 10 mins.

Affiliate Friendly Program

We keep out coupon sites, software,  and other types of unwanted affiliates so you always get the commission.

Active Program Management

Every month we update the program, add more resources, and respond to messages promptly.

Amazing Marketing Resources

You’ll be provided with a variety of banners, deep links, social media posts, swipe files, and product info.

Fixed Monthly Payouts

Paid on the 5th of every month to your PayPal account with just a $25 USD minimum payout.

90 Day Tracking Cookie

A 90 Day tracking cookie to help you get credit for all your referrals.

Recruit Other Affiliates and Earn

We run a Two-Tier program allowing you to recruit other affiliates and earn a 10% commission on the referrals of your direct recruitments.

Unique Codes and Coupons

Custom tracking codes and coupons are great for promoting courses on podcasts, videos, Instagram, and even in-person.

Travel Affiliate Program FAQ

How does the payout schedule work for affiliates?

You will receive a payout on or about the 5th of the month with a $25 minimum payout amount. As an example, all commissions earned from the month of June will be paid  August 5th.

Do you work with complementary organizations and businesses?

We love working with organizations and businesses to develop a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. We’ve worked with self-defense training companies, non-profits, travel insurance companies,  and travel companies. Please contact us to discuss partnerships and we look forward to hearing from you.

Are there any restrictions with your Affiliate Program?

At this time we are not accepting any type of software affiliates, toolbars, coupon sites, malware, adult-oriented websites, and do have a few trademark restrictions on PPC promotion that you can learn more about in the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions.  Please follow all legal and regulatory guidelines at all times while working with Travel Safety 101.

Can I recruit other affiliates?

Yes, we offer a two-tier affiliate program where you’ll earn a 10% commission on every referral your direct affiliates make each month.

If I have questions how can I contact you?

You can email partners at or reach us through the contact page.

What type of marketing and partnership support do you offer?

Our travel affiliate program team loves working with all affiliates and partners to help educate your audience. We offer a variety of helpful resources to help you promote the courses including custom coupons, competitions/ giveaways, travel safety related content, a variety of banners, customer profiles, joint promotions, and more! If you have any ideas let us know and we’ll get something going together.

If I purchase a course can I earn a commission?

Yes, all purchases you make will earn a commission.

Do you do sponsored posts or any other type of sponsored content?

At this time we don’t do any type of sponsored content with influencers. The Affiliate program offers very generous commissions and we are always open to hearing about creative marketing ideas.

We run an affiliate friendly program!

We want to focus on running a great program with travel influencers, travel content websites, and other travel / personal safety-related companies. We don’t allow any coupon sites, parasite software, toolbars, or any other programs that create a bad experience for other affiliates or potential customers.

How do coupons and unique tracking codes work?

Request a unique tracking code or coupon code (i.e. yoursite50) and if a customer purchases using that code you’ll receive credit for the referral. This is a great way to promote the courses on podcasts, videos, Instagram, Snapchat, or even in-person.