Study Abroad Safety

Comprehensive study abroad and student travel safety training enhances the safety of students overseas and reducing organizational risk.

Study Abroad Safety Solutions

Studying abroad is an incredible often life change for every student participant. Participation in study abroad programs is growing every year and the demand has never been higher. This presents a unique challenge helping prepare students and families for a safer and more impactful experience overseas. Travel Safety 101 offers a wide array of solutions to help enhance the safety of your students, faculty, and staff traveling overseas.

Student Travel Safety Training

Travel Safety 101 Academy

The Travel Safety 101 Academy is an online training portal with 3 comprehensive courses or the ability to develop custom training solutions. The Academy includes a powerful dashboard allowing you to manage users, add new ones, track progress, and access detailed reports.  

LMS and LRS Integration

Travel Safety eLearning

Comprehensive training that can integrate directly with your learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle. We offer our Study Abroad Safety 101 Course or it can be customized to meet the needs of your Program. Travel eLearning offers full learner tracking and reporting

Travel Safety Presentations

Virtual Classroom or In-Person

Our virtual classroom or in-person travel safety presentations are based on 10 training modules or can be bespoke to meet the needs of your organization. Many organizations use blended formats starting with online training and then a focused presentation from a dynamic instructor.

Travel Safety 101 Academy

The online Travel Safety 101 Academy is the perfect platform for students, faculty, and staff to learn about travel safety. Allowing them to learn at anytime on their favorite devices with our easy to follow short 2-5 minute HD video based lessons.

Travel Safety Training
  • Conenvient

    Students will love accessing all the training content online or through their mobile device at a time convenient for them.

  • Student Oriented Content

    Lessons geared toward young adults including meeting new people, cultural awareness,  emergency travel plans, mental health, and communicating overseas.

  • Micro Learning

    Short 2-5 minute lessons with HD video, realistic scenarios, knowledge enhancing resources, offline practice exercises, and knowledge checks.

  • Custom Training and Course

    Include the emergency procedures, travel resources, travel booking tools, and even the branding of your organization throughout the course.

  • User Management and Tracking

    The Travel Safety 101 Academy Management Dashboard makes it easy to manage your users, add new ones, message travelers, and access in-depth reporting.

  • Safe Traveler Certification

    This exclusive certification certifies basic travel safety knowledge, enhances travel safety awareness, and encourages course completion.

Study Abroad Safety 101 Course

The Study Abroad Safety 101 course enhances student travel safety and prepares them for a more enjoyable impactful experience overseas. This course covers essential travel safety skills and strategies, travel preparation, and includes content specifically for young adult travelers. This course can be customized to meet the needs of your travelers.

Travel Safety 101

Learn the foundations of staying safe overseas including common risks for travelers, the basics of situational awareness, important travel safety skills, pre-trip preparation, accommodation security, and dozens of useful strategies for enhancing your safety while overseas.

Transportation Safety

Transportation-related accidents are the most common safety-related risk for all travelers. Travelers will learn strategies and tips for staying safe on a wide variety of transportation methods that are commonly used overseas.

Travel Health

Travelers learn about important steps they can take to stay healthy overseas including working with a travel medical professional, pre-trip preparation, vector-borne diseases, eating safely, and strategies for staying healthy.

Study Abroad Safety

Content geared towards young adults studying abroad including socializing overseas, meeting new people, cultural awareness, legal issues, mental health, communicating abroad, and developing their own emergency travel plan.

Critical Event Safety

Learn tips and strategies for staying safe during a variety of possible dangerous events or incidents that might arise while overseas including public disorder, social unrest, and a variety of natural disasters. 

Travel 101

Learn the basics of preparing for a trip overseas including pre-trip research, emergency contacts, packing, cultural awareness, accessing your travel funds, and more that is important for a safer and more enjoyable overseas experience. 

Student Travel Safety and Travel Safety 101


Preparing students, faculty, or staff can be challenging whether in-person sessions or paper hand outs can be logistical challenging, time consuming, or produce inadequate results. Moving all preparation and training online is more convenient for participants, easier logistically, saves time, and fully trackable.

Travel Risk

Travel risk management is challenging and presents constantly changing variables for any organization. An incident abroad can present serious risks to any organization's brand, assets, and people. There can also be legal and liability issues depending on the circumstances of the incident. Travel Safety 101 can also partner with your organization's risk management and security departments to help implement a solution.


Students traveling overseas often have families or a guardian concerned for their safety back home. A comprehensive training and preparation program can help assuage some of these concerns and set more explicit expectations. We have optional lessons about developing an emergency travel plan, emergency contacts, and staying in touch while overseas.

Custom Solutions

Work with a Travel Safety 101 expert to help develop a custom solution for your organization. We will develop a solution unique for your organization including training formats, content, and delivery time-frames. Custom content often includes emergency procedures, travel booking tools, medical training, multiple learning paths, high risk travel, destination specific content, and organizational branding.

Traning for Everyone

Travel Safety 101 offers comprehensive training for everyone in your organization. The faculty, staff, or other participants in your programs can complete our International Travel Safety 101 Course which is used by many businesses and NGOs. We can also work with your organization including risk management teams to implement travel safety training solutions across the entire organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content do you offer for students?

We offer lessons geared towards young adults that include socializing overseas, legal issues, cultural awareness, meeting new people, and numerous travel preperation resouces. All lessons are developed to be between 2 to 5 minutes and easy to understand.  

Do your courses meet accessibilty requirements?

All our online travel safety courses meet WCAG 2.1 A level requirements. The online courses meet all ADA and Section 508 guidelines for online training. We believe everyone can benefit from travel safety training and traveling overseas. Please, contact us with any questions or the specific needs of your travelers.

What training can you offer faculty, staff, and other travelers?

Our Travel Safety 101 course is widely used by businesses, NGOs, and other organizations with adult travelers. This course provides a strong foundation for helping travelers enhance their safety and that of their group overseas. We also can offer group leaders specialized training focusing on travel risk management, first aid, and leadership skills.

How does licensing and invoicing work for our organization?

We offer a flat annual investment for organizations with over 100 travelers annually based on your estimated annual travelers. This allows you to offer training for all your travelers and not have to worry about tracking individual licensing. This investment is invoiced annually or semi-annually.

Do you have more information?

How do I get started?

We work on a consultative basis, and with most programs, we develop custom training solutions. This includes adding information relevant to your program to the course (i.e., emergency procedures),  multiple learning paths, organizational branding, and helping with the implementation of the training. Travel Safety 101 can also offer training for faculty, staff, alumni, and any other participants. When working with larger organizations, we also partner with risk management and security teams. Book a Consultation

Can travelers access training on smartphones or tablets?

All online training is accessible with modern smartphones and tablets. Travelers can access training at a time convienent for them anywhere with a good internet connection.

Can we use the Safe Traveler Certification with our Training?

The Safe Traveler Certification is included with all our 101 level courses with the Travel Safety 101 Academy. This is a great tool to encourage course completion and encourage travel safety awareness.

Do you offer content for female and sexual diversity travelers?

All our courses include individual lessons with content specifically for female and sexual diversity travelers. These include in-depth HD videos, specific strategies, and useful resources. Please contact us if you have questions or want to discuss the needs of your travelers.

Travel Safety 101

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