Safety Abroad Workshops and Courses for Individuals

Travel Safety 101 offers comprehensive safety abroad workshops for groups and individuals traveling abroad. All individual safety abroad workshops are offered online with HD Video lessons, useful resources, supplemental worksheets, and great offline practice exercises so you can prepare for your trip. Learn More

Safety Abroad Courses and Workshops for Groups

We offer customizable safety abroad courses for groups including businesses, study abroad programs, non-profits/ NGOs, and overseas mission trips. Safety Abroad workshops are offered in a variety of formats including eLearning online, virtual classrooms, and in-person. Travel Safety 101 offers a wide variety of flexible modules and can also customize any content to meet the needs of your group. We also can offer white label content for your organization that can integrate into your LMS system. Learn More

Safety Abroad Tips and Resources

Learn about the variety of free safety abroad tips and resources we have available to help you stay safe overseas. Learn More