Safe Traveler Certification
A Safe Traveler™ is proficient in the basics of many skills used by security professionals, militaries, and experienced travelers around the world. They will be able to apply these skills to enhance their safety, the safety of travel companions, and protect their personal property while overseas. These travelers can also greatly enhance personal safety at home utilizing their skills.

Become Safe Traveler Certified

Skills:  Basic Situational Awareness, Risk Management for Travel, Travel Medicine and Health, Destination Risk Assessments, Basic Personal Safety Skills
Requirements: Complete all course lessons, pass 4 knowledge checks, complete situational awareness simulation,  risk management practice worksheet, and pass end course quiz.
Certification: You will receive a virtual certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn profile as a skill and promoted on any other social media channels. The certificate is designed so it can be printed on high-quality paper stock.

Available for Your Organization

The Safe Traveler Certification program is available for your organization. This allows you to verify the knowledge of your members and also encourage course completion. Please, contact us more information about this can help your organization.

Travel Risk Management and Training from Experts

We help world-class organizations enhance the safety of their travelers and mitigate organizational risk.

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