Introduction to Travel Safety

The free Introduction to Travel Safety Course covers 6 important safety steps for every overseas traveler. You’ll learn about taking responsibility for your own safety, risks for travelers, proper destination research, getting started with travel medicine, and registering your trip. These 6 steps are a great start to enhancing your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protecting your personal property.

Lesson 1: Getting Start with Travel Safety

We’ll go through an introduction for our talking a little about travel safety, what we’ll cover in our course and our course objectives.

Lesson 2: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Safety

You’ll learn more about this important step of travel safety and how it enhances your safety overseas.

Lesson 3: Risks for Travelers

This lesson covers risks for travelers based on actual government statistics so we can focus on the risks most likely to occur when traveling overseas.

Lesson 4: Introduction to Destination Research

We’ll learn about the three parts of proper destination research and why they are important for having a safer experience overseas.

Lesson 5: Introduction to Travel Medicine

We’ll learn about working with a travel medical professional and some other great travel health resources.

Lesson 6: Understand Travel and Travel Medical Insurance

Possessing sufficient insurance is an important part of an overseas trip and will be invaluable in the case of an emergency. A medical evacuation can cost up to $300,000 USD and the coordination of care can be invaluable.

Lesson 7: Registering Your Overseas Trip

Learn why it is important and how to register your trip before heading overseas.

Lesson 8: Safe Travels

We’ll wrap up the Introduction to Travel Safety Course with everything we’ve learned and some great next steps for you to enhance your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protect your personal property.

Ready to get started learning about Travel Safety? Start with the free Introduction to Travel Safety Course today.