International Travel Safety 101

This course teaches the skills, strategies, and mindset needed for travelers to enhance their safety overseas. It is an ideal course for business travelers, NGO staff, many expatriates, and mission workers in low to moderate risk destinations.

Course Curriculum & Structure

The comprehensive International Travel Safety 101 teaches the skills, strategies, and mindset needed for travelers to enhance their safety overseas. The course includes 33 two to five-minute lessons containing HD video, realistic scenarios, easy to implement strategies, offline practice exercises, and knowledge checks. The course also includes our Safe Traveler Certification certifying that a traveler understands the foundations of travel safety.

Course Cirriculum

Module 1: Course Introduction

1. Course Introduction
2. Course Objectives and Learner Goals

Module 2: Getting Started Staying Safe Overseas

1. Foundations of Travel Safety
2. Common Risks for Travelers
3. Registering Your Trip
4. Emergency Contact Person
5. Getting Started Knowledge Check

Module 3: Travel Health and Medicine

  1. Travel Health Introduction
  2. Visiting a Travel Medical Professional
  3. Travel Health Best Practices
  4. Mental Health and Travel
  5. Eating Safely Overseas
  6. Travel Health Knowledge Check

Module 4: Travel Safety Skills

  1. Introduction
  2. Staying Aware Overseas
  3. Practicing Staying Aware
  4. Keeping a Low Profile
  5. Operating on a Need to Know Basis
  6. Finding Our Exits
  7. Opportunity Theory and Travel Safety
  8. Travel Safety Skills Review
  9. Travel Safety Skills Knowledge Check

Module 5: Travel Safety Tips and Strategies

  1. Securing Your Accommodations
  2. Avoiding Scams Overseas
  3. Female Travel Safety
  4. Sexual and Gender Diversity Travelers
  5. Deterring Robberies
  6. What if an Armed Robbery Happens
  7. Preparing for Your Day
  8. Tips and Strategies Knowledge Check

Module 6: Transportation Safety

  1. Safety on Public Transportation
  2. Using Taxis and Transportation Apps
  3. Staying Safe Flying
  4. Driving Overseas
  5. Other Transportation Options
  6. Transportation Safety Knowledge Check

Module 7: International Travel Safety Course Closing

  1. Course Closing and Additional Resources

Travel Safety 101 Academy and Mobile App

The International Travel Safety 101 Course is available in the Travel Safety 101 Academy. The Academy is the perfect travel safety training solution for your organization. Learners can access training at anytime on their favorite mobile device or online.

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