International Travel 101 Course

Learn how to travel the world with an easy to follow stress free system to plan your own trip independently. This travel 101 course will help you plan your dream trip whether your budget is $50 or $250 per day. Independent travel planning is a life long skill and you’ll become an expert at the end of this course.
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Have You Ever Said the Following?

“I would like to travel overseas and I don’t know where to begin”

“I would like to travel, but it is so expensive”

“There is so much information online, it gets overwhelming”

The International Travel 101 course teaches you how to travel the world with an easy to follow a stress-free plan that will allow you to confidently plan your own independent trip overseas whether your budget is $50 or $250 per day.

What You Will Learn in Travel 101 Course

Section 1 : Welcome to International Travel 101

  • Welcome and Meet Your Instructor
  • Getting Started with International Travel 101
  • Course Objectives and Learner Goals

Section 2 : Travel Planning Tools and Checklist

  • Travel PlanningTools Introduction
  • Travel Planning Checklist
  • Using the Travel Planning Worksheet to Plan Your Dream Trip

Section 3: Destination Research

  • Travel Inspiration
  • Getting Started With Destination Research
  • Research a Trip Together
  • Organizing Your Research

Section 4 : Developing Your Itinerary and Budget

  • Getting Started With Developing Itineraries
  • Building Your Itinerary
  • Developing Your Budget

Section 5 : Different Types of Accommodations

  • Different Types of Accommodations
  • Finding the Best Price on a Hotel
  • Saving Money on Accommodations
  • Finding Free or Nearly Free Accommodations
  • Finding Accommodation Resources

Section 6 : Finding the Best Flights

  • Finding the Best Flights at a Great Price
  • Finding the Best Flights Resources and Links

Section 7 : Different Transportation Options

  • Learning About Different Transportation Options
  • Finding the Best Transportation Options
  • Gettign Started with Rentals
  • Car Rental Resources

Section 8 : Tour Operators, Guides, and Travel Agents

  • Getting Started with Travel Agents and Tour Operators
  • Succesfully Evaluating Tour Operators and Guides

Section 9: Budget Tips and Strategies

  • The Budget Travel Mindset
  • Getting the Best Price on Your Dream Trip
  • Maximizing Your Travel Budget
  • Getting Started with Bargaining
  • Saving Money on Food and Dinning
  • Getting Started with Travel Hacking

Section 10: Preparing For Your Trip

  • Passports and Visas
  • Travel Banking and Money
  • Understanding International Travel Insurance
  • Packing For Your Trip

Section 11: Ready to Go!

  • Are Your Ready to Go?

Who is the ideal student for this course?

The ideal student is someone who would like to learn how to travel the world planning their own independent trips anywhere in the world. The planning system offered by the course will work whether your budget is $50 or $250 per day per person.

Instructor and Student Interactivity

The instructor is available through the course messaging system and email at anytime to help answer your questions. You can also interact with other students and the instructor on the course discussion board. The Support Team is available through the support form or on chat daily!

Free Course Bonus: Securing Your Home

We’ve included a free bonus HD video lesson and downloadable checklist for securing your home while overseas increasing your peace of mind. These is a lesson from Travel Safety 101 and the Safe Traveler Certification Program.

Start Planning Your Own Dream Overseas Trip

At the end of this course know how to travel the world with an easy to follow system for planning your dream trip efficiently in a cost effective manner.

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Travel 101 Course FAQ

How does the free preview work?

You have unlimited access to 6 Travel 101 course lessons and there is no expiration. You’ll get some travel planning tips, learn how to get the best prices on your dream trip, meet the instructor, and experience our online learning management system. You will not need to enter a credit card and you can upgrade at anytime. Start a Free Preview

Can I complete the course on any device?

The course player and learning area will work well on the latest versions of all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. The course experience will work best on desktops, laptops, and tablets with screen sizes of 7″ or larger. Due to the interactivity of the course and downloadable resources a smartphone may not offer the best experience. Please, check out a free preview to learn more.

What should I do if I have questions?

You can post them in the course discussion area, directly message your instructor, or send them to the support team. We encourage students to ask questions so they can get the most from the course and we use student questions to develop new content.

What payment methods do you accept?

SSL secure payment processing powered by Stripe for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Apple Pay.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 30 days from purchase no questions asked easy 100% refund on all individual travel courses. We always are trying to make the courses better and would love to hear any feedback from you. You can submit a refund request which will be processed in 1-2 business days through the support area.

When can I access the course?

You have unlimited lifetime access to the course and all future updates. There is no time limit for starting or completing the course.