Business Travel Safety

Travel Safety 101 offers comprehensive cost-effective corporate travel safety solutions for your business helping keep your employees safe, meeting your duty of care obligations, and helping accomplish your overseas business objectives.

Corporate Travel Safety Solutions

Travel Safety 101 offers a variety of corporate travel safety solutions to help your organization succeed overseas. Business has gone global with companies of all sizes sending employees overseas and with that comes a variety of new risks. Our team of experts has developed comprehensive business travel safety solutions that are cost-effective and customizable to meet your needs. We also offer a variety of consulting services including travel risk management, insurance, tracking, duty of care, and emergency assistance.  Travel Safety 101 looks forward to helping your organization stay safe overseas and accomplish business objectives.

Travel Safety Training Modules

These flexible modules can be combined based on the needs of your organization. We offer online video based training, Elearning courses, hybrid formats, and in-person training sessions.

Travel Safety 101

Learn the basics of travel security including situational awareness, risk management, securing accommodations, transportation, keeping a low profile, and daily best practices.

Travel Preparation

Learn how to properly research a destination, plan itineraries, tips for packing, home security, and more.

Travel Health

Learn the basics of travel medicine, vaccines, overseas health planning, and daily health best practices.

Custom Content

We can develop HD Video Lessons or SCORM 2004/Tin Can API compliant content based on the needs of your organization.

Hostile Environment

Introduction to strategies for active weapons attacks, terrorist attacks, armed assaults/ robberies, and kidnappings. Ask about hybrid and in person options.

Trip Leaders

Learn how to enhance the safety of your group with a variety of  important safety and leadership skills.

Cultural Awareness

Strategies for understanding more about different cultures and working with others.

Young Adults & Teenagers

Modules designed specifically for teenagers and young adults going overseas.

Corporate Travel Safety Training Formats

Travel Safety 101 offers eLearning, HD video, virtual classrooms, and in-person training depending on the needs of your business. While most travelers can be prepared through a combination of Elearning and virtual classrooms. High-risk destinations, executives, or travelers in hostile environments will often require blended training with an in-person component.

eLearning and HD Video

Comprehensive cost-effective training that allows your employees to prepare at a convenient time.

Virtual Classroom

Let our team conduct virtural classroom sessions designed specifically for the needs of your team.

In-Person Training

In- Person training sessions are ideal for training team members who will travel to high-risk destinations.

Custom and White Label Content Available

Let us develop custom business travel safety courses and assessment materials based on the needs of your organization. This could include training about your organization’s travel policies, travel booking system, or even content related to your members time overseas. Also, all content is available white labeled with your branding and information. Please, contact us about your organization’s needs.

Let us develop a business travel safety training solution for your organization.