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Business Travel Safety Training

All our training programs empower your travelers to become proactive and confident overseas. A good training program enhances your risk management and travel management efforts.

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Business Travel Safety Training Solutions

Travel Safety 101 Academy

The Travel Safety 101 Academy is comprised of over 70 HD Video lessons, knowledge checks, and even offline practice exercises. Easily accessible from any device and full reporting/tracking capabilities. The Academy can be customized for your needs with content and branding

Travel Safety eLearning

Comprehensive travel safety training that can be easily integrated into your LMS and LRS System. Nearly 70 Lessons knowledge, and practice exercises that are available in the same LMS your travelers are already used to accessing for other training. With full tracking capabilities and flexible lessons that can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Bespoke & Blended

Work with our team of travel security and risk management experts to develop a comprehensive training solution for your organization. Custom training content, blended learning utilizing in-person or virtual classrooms, or hostile environment training exclusively for your organization

Enhance Your

Risk and Travel Management

Business travel safety training enhances your organization’s risk and travel management efforts. A comprehensive training program helps meet your duty of care obligations and reduces long-term organizational liability. We offer pre-made and can develop custom content that highlights the importance of following organizational travel and risk policies, insurance, tracking, and emergency procedures.¬† We live in a rapidly globalizing world, and comprehensive travel safety training helps protect your people, brand, and assets overseas.

Training Unique for your Organization

Flexible Module Based Training

Travel Safety 101

Learn the basics of travel security including important travel safety skills and strategies.,

Travel 101

Learn how to properly prepare for a trip overseas from a safety perspective and overall better experience.

Stay Healthy Overseas

Learn how to get started with travel medicine, travel health best practices, and what you can eat overseas.

Policies and Procedures

Educate your travelers about organizational travel, insurance, and risk policies.

Advanced SAfety Strategies

Training for high-risk destinations including situational awareness and responding to hostile threats.

Hostile Environment

In-person training preparing your travelers for operating in high-risk destinations and hostile environments.

Travel Risk Management and Training from Experts

We help world-class organizations enhance the safety of their travelers and mitigate organizational risk.

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