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Individual Travel Safety Training

Our individual travel safety training courses and Safe Traveler ™ Certification teach you the skills and strategies needed to safely travel overseas. Comprehensive courses include Travel Safety 101,  Explore the World, International Travel 101, and the free Intro to Travel Safety.

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Group Travel Safety Courses

We offer a variety of solutions to help enhance the safety of your organization overseas with online and hybrid training available. We offer interactive HD video, LMS compatible elearning, and custom content for businesses, study abroad programs, NGOs, and mission trips. Learn More.

Individual Travel Safety Training

Travel the World Confidently and Safely

Travel Safety 101 offers comprehensive travel safety courses and our Safe Traveler Certification™ program for individual overseas travelers. Our courses teach skills used by militaries, security professionals, and experienced travelers around the world. You’ll also learn dozens of actionable day to day strategies and tips to enhance your safety overseas. These online interactive courses empower you to enhance your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protect your personal property.

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Travel Safety 101

Comprehensive online Travel Safety Training and Safe Traveler Certification™ perfect for every overseas traveler.


Intro to Travel Safety

This free introductory course gives you 5 important steps every traveler should take before traveling overseas.

International Travel 101

Learn how to independently travel the world on any budget with this comprehensive travel planning course.

Group Travel Safety Courses

Empower Your Organization to Stay Safe Overseas

Travel Safety 101 offers flexible and customizable online training for a variety of organizations including study abroad programs, businesses, NGOs, local governments, and overseas mission trips.  These courses help you meet your duty of care and standard of care obligations by properly preparing your group before heading overseas. We offer flexible training modules with short HD video modules or interactive travel safety eLearning courses that can be fully integrated with your LMS. All our solutions can be customized and even white labeled to meet the needs of your organization. Learn More

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Study Abroad Programs

Online travel safety courses to help prepare students and staff for a safer more enjoyable experience overseas.


Business Travel

Prepare your team for safer and more productive overseas experience with customizable training solutions.

Non-Profits and NGOs

Empower your team to achieve their mission and stay safe overseas with a variety of training options.

Become Safe Traveler  Certified and be a Travel Safety Leader

A Travel Safety 101 Safe Traveler™ is proficient in the basics of many skills used by security professionals, militaries, and experienced travelers around the world. They will be able to apply these skills to enhance their safety, the safety of travel companions, and protect their personal property while overseas. These travelers can also greatly enhance personal safety at home utilizing their skills.

Learn 5 Important Steps For Staying Safe with Free Intro Course